The Second Shot

The first shot is for my Camera, the second shot is for us

- Adam Dewar -

Photographer and Content Creator for the Drinks Industry


"The First Shot is from my Camera,

The Second Shot is for us!"

The Second Shot is my way of exploring my two most enjoyable pass times.

Creating & Drinks

I love using my camera to create beautiful images just as much as I love Whisky and Cocktails. To me, it takes just as much creativity to create a beautiful whisky or cocktail, as it does a stunning image or video.

I spent 2 years as a Cocktail Bartender in the UK learning as much as I could about Cocktails and Spirits. I also had the opportunity to create content for a Scottish Whisky Brand. This period of my life is what inspired me to start The Second Shot.  This project is my way of combining delicious drinks and creating beautiful imagery.


I hope you enjoy my work and always enjoy your drink responsibly.


Want to see what else I do?

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I am always looking to collaborate with other like-minded people and brands so please feel free to drop me an email!

Adam Dewar

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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