"The First Shot is from my Camera,

The Second Shot is for us!"

The Second Shot is my way of exploring my two most enjoyable pass times.

Creating & Drinks

I love using my camera to create beautiful images just as much as I love Whisky and Cocktails. To me, it takes just as much creativity to create a beautiful whisky or cocktail, as it does a stunning image or video.

I spent 2 years as a Cocktail Bartender in the UK as well as spending time bartending here in Vancouver, learning as much as I could about Cocktails and Spirits. I also had the opportunity to create content for a Scottish Whisky Brand. This period of my life is what inspired me to start The Second Shot.  This project is my way of combining delicious drinks and creating beautiful imagery while exploring the Canadian Craft Drinks Industry. From craft spirits and cocktails to craft Beer, 


I hope you enjoy my work and always enjoy your drink responsibly.


- Contact and Collaborations - 

I have had incredible opportunities to work with local and Global Distilleries and Brands creating content for them and myself.

I am always looking to collaborate with other like-minded people and brands so please feel free to drop me an email!

Adam Dewar

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Why do I do this?

Exploring the Canadian Craft Industry

Craft Distilleries are where you find all the hidden gems that a lot of the big Distilleries can't produce. Creativity is generally encouraged in craft distilleries so they can find and create new flavours  for us all to try. You'll almost never find a globally known distillery creating a whisky by distilling an amber ale and then finishing it in and apple brandy barrel, or creating a vacuum still and distilling each spirit separately before blending them into an Amaro. I love finding these cool craft distilleries and using their spirits to create new and classic cocktails. 

I remember first getting into cocktails and trying to figure what had to be used in each cocktail. Thinking you had to use Campari in a Negroni because that's the classic way of doing it, but in reality, you can use any Amaro you want, as long as you like it. I try to make Classic Cocktails using only Canadian Craft Spirits because, well.. I can, and you can too. You don't need to use Havana Club in a Mojito, go nuts and find a locally made Rum. Forget the Tanqueray, whip out that cool Craft gin that that uses seaweed and other seaside botanicals instead.

By no means do I think big brands are bad either, I too still drink and use them, it's just a lot more fun to try something new and crazy, then finding out it's actually phenomenal and becomes your go to spirit.

I have mostly explored a lot of British Columbia Distilleries, but I'm slowly moving my exploration East and finding more distilleries across Canada.