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Berry Velvet | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 05

Berry Velvet | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 05

So today is the fifth day of the 12 days of cocktails I am doing. I have an Advent Calendar from Okanagan Spirits (Thank you guys!) that I am going to be opening one day at a time and creating a cocktail using whatever comes out.

Today was Blackcurrant Liqueur. Yes I know I spelt Blackcurrant wrong in the video. That's my bad... Anyways, Here's a cocktail I came up with after I decided not to make a Bramble, since I've already done that. I had Aviation in my head, then it kind of just spun into something from there. I added the Absinthe just to see how it would work out and I'm super glad I did. It adds so much more to the cocktail, pulling both the Salal and Blackcurrant berries together. This cocktail has quite a few steps to it but if you find yourself having all of the ingredients, Id say give this a shot. I'm curious to know what others would change or add/eliminate.

Berry Velvet

37.5 ml Salal Gin

12.5 ml Blackcurrant Liqueur

5 ml Absinthe

25 ml Lemon Juice

12.5 ml Simple Syrup

Egg White

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