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Clover Club | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 04

Clover Club | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 04

So today is the fourth day of the 12 days of cocktails I am doing. I have an Advent Calendar from Okanagan Spirits (Thank you guys!) that I am going to be opening one day at a time and creating a cocktail using whatever comes out.

Today was Gin. So I decided to do a Clover Club today using the Raspberry Liqueur from a couple days ago and the gin I opened today. Now typically a Clover Club uses Dry Vermouth as well in the spec, but I chose not to use it in this only because I felt like using ingredients found in the Advent Calendar for today (and my partner was the one drinking this cocktail and she prefers it without the vermouth). This is a cocktail Ill be doing a full video on about the history and such too in the New Year!

Clover Club

37.5 ml Gin

12.5 ml Raspberry Syrup

25 ml Lemon Juice

12.5 ml Simple Syrup

Egg White

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