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Evolve Martini | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 08

Evolve Martini | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 08

So today is the Eighth day of the 12 days of cocktails.

Today I got Evolve Gin. A good cocktail doesn't need a lot of ingredients. That said, I actually find making a Martini to be the simplest, yet the most difficult cocktail to make. Only because every person has their own idea of what a Dry martini is or what a wet martini is and all the other types of martinis. Some ask for dirty martinis with no olive.. Everyone has their own way so it can get fairly tough to know exactly how others like their Martinis.

For me, I like it simple, Fairly standard Martini specs. 1.5 shots Gin, and .5 shot Vermouth. with a lemon twist. Occasionally I do like a dirty martini though.

You also have to admit that the Evolve Gin makes a Martini look absolutely stunning!

Evolve Martini

37.5 ml Evolve Gin

12.5 ml Dry Vermouth

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