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Festive Flip | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 09

Festive Flip | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 09

So today is the ninth day of the 12 days of cocktails.

Today I got Cranberry Liqueur. I was thinking about doing a Poinsettia Cocktail but I was also in the mood for creamier cocktail. So I decided on doing a riff on a Flip Cocktail. Using my 'Winter' Syrup and the Cranberry to make the flip much more Festive for the Holidays. Here's a cocktail that will be amazing after a good Christmas Dinner.

Festive Flip

37.5 ml BRBN Whisky

12.5 ml Cranberry Liqueur

12.5 ml 'Winter' Syrup

1 Whole Egg

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