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Highland Park - 'A Tribe in the Wild'

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Ever since I had moved to Scotland at the Beginning of 2018, I had wanted to go to Orkney and visit the Highland Park Distillery. I was looking up the cheapest ways of getting there but they all were just too expensive for me at the time. So I June 2019 when I heard Highland Park had a cocktail competition, I had to do it. The name of the competition was 'A Tribe in the Wild' so our them for the competition was quite obvious.

There was 3 Stages to the competition. The first was to Take a photo of our perfect Highland Park serve in the wild. So my buddy and I went driving looking for the right location to take our photos. (He was also entering the competition). We ended up about an hour north of Edinburgh beside a small river at sunset. Our perfect serve is Highland Park 12, neat. The photo I took was this :

I Received a message from the Highland Park crew saying I have been chosen to move to the Second round. For this they wanted us to create a cocktail using Highland Park and make a short video presentation of us making it. I stayed within the theme of being in the wild and came up with The Evergreen Comfort. It is very much a bartenders cocktail.

I love being in the woods and camping. I love the smell of pine and a fire and everything that goes with it. So I wanted to make this experience into a cocktail. I found an Italian Pine Liquor called Pino Meugo. Its incredibly strong in both pine flavour and scent, so I needed to be very delicate with my proportions when using it. I had also made a Pine spray using pine needles, hot water, and a bit of vodka for a garnish.

The Evergreen Comfort

40ml Highland Park 12

10ml Cynar

10ml Noily Pratt

5ml Pino Meugo

Stirred down and served up, neat.

Garnished with my home made Pine Spray and a piece of burnt pine branch to give the nice smokey scent of camping outside in the wild.

The next part of Stage two, Was Going to Glasgow to do a Whisky Ambassador Course. We Went to the Edrington HQ in Glasgow for the day and had the Whisky Ambassador training program teach and test us about the Whisky industry in Scotland. We were tested with both written and Tasting tests. Our Test results were part of the competition. I did complete and pass the tests so I am technically trained as a Whisky Ambassador now. It was a fun Afternoon and we tasted some fun Whiskies as well.

At the end of the afternoon, We found out who had won the Competition and get to move on to Stage 3.

IT WAS ME! Along with one other person, I wont the Highland Park 'A Tribe in the Wild' Competition. I was absolutely ecstatic about it. They gave us each a bottle of Highland Park 12 and said we needed to wait to find out more about Stage Three.

Stage Three was a lot, So I am going to save it for my next post. I appreciate you coming by and reading. I hope you enjoy hearing about my experience.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Posting is To Be Continued...

The first shot is the one I take with my camera. The Second Shot is the one we share together. So cheers to you my friend!


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