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Legend Distillery Old Pal Cocktail - Distillery Exclusive Ep 05

Distillery Exclusive Ep 05 - Legend Distillery Old Pal Cocktail

Getting back into filming and editing while I explore the local drinking culture in Canada. A little over a month ago, I visited the Legend distillery in Naramata, B.C. It's a nice little distillery in a gorgeous location, along a winding road full of wineries over looking Okanagan Lake.

Each video in the Distillery Exclusive series is a me exploring spirits from a single distillery and making a Cocktail out of them.

For this episode, I make an Old Pal cocktail using Legend Distilling's Wyatt Whisky and their Naramaro. Wyatt Whisky is mainly a Wheat Whisky with a bit of Rye added into the Mash Bill, though the Old Pal Cocktail is typically done with Rye, I felt Wyatt Whisky worked well because it still has that spiciness that you get from a Rye whisky.

Old Pal Cocktail

25ml Wyatt Whisky

25ml Amaro

25ml Dry Vermouth

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