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Spiced Raspberry Alexander | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 01

Spiced Raspberry Alexander | 12 Days of Cocktails - Day 01

So today is the first of the 12 days of cocktails I am doing. I have an Advent Calendar from Okanagan Spirits (Thank you guys!) that I am going to be opening one day at a time and creating a cocktail using whatever comes out.

Today was Raspberry Liqueur. Now there are a bunch of Raspberry cocktails out there, so I decided to get a little crafty with this one. I was inspired by a Brandy Alexander. I swapped brandy out for Rye(A Single Malt would work great as well), and used the Raspberry Liqueur to give it a nice fruitiness. I added in the Winter Syrup I made because, well, its the holidays, so why not right?

Spiced Raspberry Alexander

37.5 ml Whisky

25 ml Raspberry Liqueur

25 ml Heavy Cream

12.5 ml 'Winter' Syrup

Garnish with Cherries (For looks mostly)

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