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What is The Second Shot?

Updated: May 18, 2020

The First Shot is for my Camera, The Second Shot is for Us!

In January 2018 I moved to Scotland with my partner and I began looking for a job as an Animator or Videographer. Believe it or not, Scotland isn't exactly big for animation or video, so I got a job as a Cocktail Bartender. I had always enjoyed having a whisky so I made this my chance to learn as much as I could about the delicious liquid. Whisky went from something I enjoyed to a passion.

Home made Rye and Brandy Cocktail

I began my education with the internet, YouTube specifically. I learned the basics of the Scottish whisky regions and then I dug deeper into international whisky. In September of that year, I got in touch with a new Blended Whisky company that needed video content for social media. This was the perfect opportunity for me to mix my two passions, Whisky and Content Creation.

We created a dozen videos together based around cocktails and trying to remove the stigma Blended Whiskies have. After all, most whiskies are actually blended. Yes, even Single Malts. This partnership was one of the best things for me as I found out I love shooting cocktails. I shot for a couple other bars in Edinburgh as well creating photos for their social medias.

In October 2019, My partner and I moved back to Vancouver, Canada to settle down and put in some roots. I'm working as an animator again but I want to stay in the drinks industry as well. I created The Second Shot as a way to keep my passions mixed and have a place to show what I have created / learned. I do Product photography and Cocktail photos at home now for myself to continue learning about spirits and level up my Photo skills.

The first shot is the one I take with my camera. The Second Shot is the one we share together. So cheers to you my friend!


- Collaborations - 

The Second Shot is always looking to collaborate with other like-minded people and brands so please feel free to drop us an email!


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